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Modular Kitchen Renovation Tips and Ideas

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

I shall keep this article v short and to address the pain points in kitchen renovation .

When ever you are looking at renovating your old modular kitchen keep in mind civil is a major part and take a lot of your time and money .

For example if your kitchen does not have any civil work involved like taking out

  • Civil Structures which was built to place the 40 mm granite

  • Removing of old tiles

  • removing of shelves which is made in concrete

  • rewiring of electrical and plumbing lines

if you do not see the above issues in your flat/house then you have saved a lot of money and time for your self .

Say for examples your kitchen needs only replacing of old cabinets then its much easier to renovate your old kitchen .

So How do you start ?

So Pick up the phone and start calling companies , once u google modular kitchen renovation Bangalore you would see live space , home lane flashing ads on your face .

Honestly i would never call these companies ....... Why???? just look at the reviews they have on their business page you would know why

What Questions would you ask to the vendor ??
  • How old is the company in business ?

  • any references of previous work

  • Would they arrange a visit to previous work

  • Videos of previous work

  • client referrals

  • how does their back-end work , for example would they pass on the work to a factory once they have a order confirmed by you or they have their own factory .

  • Always suggest to go with vendors who own their own modular kitchen factory who manufacture their kitchen and wardrobe and not outsource it as they have more control on delivery and timeline .

Some videos to help you understand how its done

Above videos will help you undertsnad the process better and what is involved in renovating a modular kitchen .

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