Kitchen Remodeling

Anyone can remove faulty kitchen installations and replace them, but the core business of kitchen remodeling goes beyond just that. It entails knowing what to do, the materials to use, how to use them and an unmatched display of expertise. This is where Renterio comes in handy.At Renterio, we offer beyond standard kitchen remodeling services. We are also manufacturers who make use of the best quality materials and modern technologies to produce furniture that are perfect for your kitchen remodeling project. We draw on our years of experience in the furniture-making and renovation industry to turn your kitchen space into something you have always dreamed of having. We use high-end Italian machines to ensure that all the furniture fittings we manufacture for your kitchen are of best quality and durable.

We don’t just jump on your project because we believe no two kitchen remodeling projects are the same. Every homeowner has their particular needs and remodeling specifications. As such; we take out time to understand your needs, proffer bespoke solutions and deliver quality service. Our commitment to topnotch service deliver us to check for all kitchen installations, furniture and fittings, repair and replace worn out ones and change the appeal of your entire kitchen space.Renterio is a brand synonymous with bespoke kitchen remodeling and absolute customer satisfaction. We deal directly with our customers, and provide all furniture needs; this cuts down costs significantly and makes remodeling an affordable thing for every homeowner. Ranging from cabinets to benchtops and all other needs for professional kitchen remodeling, Renterio is always the best partner you can count on for quality and tailored solutions.

Your kitchen should depict your personality, just like your living room and bedroom. We make your kitchen dreams come alive with the best quality materials and service. Our contractors are well-skilled and are always available to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Affordability, bespoke furniture fittings, quality and customer satisfaction, are not just what we sing daily, we practice and manifest them.

The different Stages of the Entire Project

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The type of Kitchen Layouts we offer

U- Shape Kitchen

This design gives a natural spacious look to your kitchen area. The U-shaped kitchen is illustrated by the presence of three adjoining benchtops that surround you from 3 sides, having walls lined with cabinets to keep kitchen appliances, cutlery and any ingredients that you might need during cooking. It offers ample storage area and abundant space to do daily chores. This is one of the most efficient kitchen types.

L - Shape Kitchen

This is the most classic layout where two adjacent walls are used to feature two benchtops. When designing a functional kitchen, we need to understand the “working triangle”, i.e., the distance between stove, fridge and the sink. This is a layout that supports an open kitchen concept most appropriately, as the L-shape fits into the 2 sides of a triangle and the ample open space allows ample free space for movement.

Parallel Shape Kitchen

This type of kitchen is also called Galley kitchen, this is a modular kitchen layout featuring two working areas installed parallel to each other. Suppose you have two benchtops facing opposite to each other on either sides of a central walkway. The best thing about having a parallel kitchen, is that it can help in easily sorting out the tasks that you need to perform on each of the countertops, while moving in or out.

G-shape Kitchen

This type of kitchen is one of the newer solutions to improve efficiency and increase the counter space. The G shape modular kitchen offers plenty of opportunities for specialized work centers and helps shield the cook from any distractions. It combines the versatile U-Shaped kitchen with the advantages of an island peninsula, attached to one end of the U. It is said that with G shape modular kitchen layout, three people can work in the kitchen effectively without distracting one another. Moreover the counter space and bigger storage make the space even more useful for big house. It is suitable for a home with more family members, it has additional storage and a counter added to the space, and it easier to integrate the kitchen with other subsidiaries activities with such a kitchen shape.

Island Kitchen 

If you have an ample amount of space for the kitchen and an open living area, then this is the layout you should opt for. They are becoming an increasingly popular choice, if you need to add extra storage space while incorporating additional seating too. The layout features a combination of either L-shaped or straight kitchen, with an unconnected island space that can be extended as a dining counter, if need be.

Straight Kitchen 

This type of kitchen layout is found in Studios and Loft apartments. This design involves just a single countertop on both sides of the cooking area, usually without complex angles, and is kept minimal with optimum efficiency. The cabinets are placed above the countertop and a set of linear drawers can be placed below which provide easy access to crockery and grocery items while cooking thus saving space and maximizing utility.